Hi! The RFD Maker is a simple form designed to help you format a Request For Discussion for the creation of a new uk.* unmoderated newsgroup. The 'Help' buttons provide useful tips on filling in the various sections. You are strongly advised to lurk for a while in news:uk.net.news.config before using the form. A complete set of guidelines can be found at http://www.usenet.org.uk.

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REAL E-MAIL ADDRESS *necessary for the RFD; not stored by using this form.

If you decide to allow advertising in your group it should be relevant. If you don't want advertising at all, type "none".
Advertising in this group should be relevant to

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add groups as appropriate, but do not remove those already there.
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uk.net.news.config is the definitive place for discussion

ONE LINE SUMMARY Short description of group, less than characters. Do not include the group's name.


RATIONALE (why you want the group to be formed)*

CHARTER (what you want the group to discuss. IMPORTANT - this must be written in the present tense) *

Options for proponents:
- Select no advertising (see above) - Omit exception for "Job" adverts .
- Delete contents and rewrite from scratch. (Group subject is added automatically when you start to fill in the form. Do not edit this field until then)


The following clause is optional.  ISPs are unlikely to act on charter violations unless they are against their Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).


That's all the information needed to create the RFD.   Now click "create RFD" below and your RFD will appear in the window. 

To complete the process simply send an e-mail containing finished RFD to control@usenet.org.uk Use cut and paste to copy the text into your e-mail software. The subject line should be the name of the proposed group. Be sure to send it in Plain Text.


This form is totally unofficial and is provided simply as a free service to assist new newsgroup proponents. The author does not accept any responsibility for the consequences of its use.

I have to put that in but I don't really foresee any problems. The pre-loaded wording[1] has been discussed in uk.net.news.config, but that doesn't mean there won't be someone out there who wants to change it; that's the whole point of the discussion period. In any case you should read all clauses carefully to make they suit your needs and delete any sections that are not appropriate. Even though you have used this service, your RFD must still be approved by the uk.* Usenet committee, who will check that it meets any guidelines currently in place, including being correctly named. If in doubt, post it anyway and the committee will advise.

Please send any comments, complaints or suggestions to rfdmaker@ckdog.co.uk

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This page was last updated on May 04, 2006

[1] Grateful thanks to Andy Mabbett for his hard work in drafting the 'boilerplate' text upon which most of the RFDMaker is based


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Cut and Paste

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If you have any problems please mail me at rfdmaker@ckdog.co.uk